He published over 100 works, a total amount of 10 million words. His books had been sold more than 15 million copies. His masterpieces: Thumb Father/Father Packed in Pocket had been sold 7 million copies, Three Musketeers on Campus had been sold 3.5 million copies, Fantasy King's Adventures had been sold 1.5 million copies. 

Dad in My Pocket


Dad in my Pocket (Thumb Father) Series has 52 kind books. 

It is the masterpiece of PENG YANG, the leading figure in China’s fantasy children’s literature, the first Disney Chinese contract writer.

It is honored to be one of a hundred best books for teenagers recommended by China News and Publication Administration.

It is an imaginative, fascinating and unmissable series.

It is rich in miraculous imagination, distinctive exaggeration, and uncopiable comedy.

The sales of Father Packed in Pocket (Thumb Father) Series have been more than 18.2 million copies.


Three Campus Musketeers

Three Campus Musketeers is the master work of PENG YANG, China’s first Disney contract Writer. Since 1995, the series has been published over 40 of more than 80 kinds, more than 6 million words, selling well in mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 20 years, with a circulation of more than 4.5 million copies, and translated into many languages, making two generations of fan base. It has been adapted into TV series, cartoons, stage plays, comics, radio and other art forms. It swept up many national and global awards, such as “China Book Award”, “China Award for Excellent Science Works”, “National Excellent Animated Film” and “Global Chinese Sci-Fiction Nebula Award”. It is on the booklists of People Daily’s 100 high-quality books for Chinese Children, the top teachers’ recommendation of 20 children’s books of China Education Newspaper, the top list of CCBF children's books. It is the longest and most influential young science fiction, so the author YANG Peng has gained the title of “the first of Chinese young science fiction”.

Fantasy King's Adventures



Fantasy King's Adventures (A Fantast's Adventures) is one of the master work of PENG YANG, China’s first Disney contract Writer. 

Since 2013, the series has been published 15 kinds, more than 2 million words, selling 2.2 million copies, and translated into many languages.

It swept up many national and global awards, such as “Global Chinese Sci-Fiction Nebula Award”. 

The Adventures of Dolphin Prince

The Adventures of Dolphin Prince is one of the master work of PENG YANG, China’s first Disney contract Writer. The series has 6 kind books. The stroy talks about the dolphin prince rescue his mother who was imprisoned by the Arctic Witch. 

The day when Dolphin Prince was born, a group of black sharks invaded the kingdom of Dolphin. Dolphin king was severely wounded in the combat. In order to reduce the loss, the queen decided to see the Arctic Witch with the black sharks. Over the past few years, Prince has grown up. He bids farewell to his father, and goes to the depths of the sea to find his mother. Faceing obstables from the cunning Arctic Witch, Prince will go through untold hardships on the way to rescue his mother...

Youngsters vs Aliens​

Youngsters vs Aliens is one of the master work of PENG YANG, China’s first Disney contract Writer. The series has 5 kind books.

Alien invasion! Who saved the earth? Not the adults, not the armies, but the youngsters. Brave, honest, strong, pure, happy, kind, full of imagination and a strong thirst for knowledge...... It is all these excellent qualities of the youngsters that have saved countless lives on the earth. Generations of the righteous Earth Youngsters are growing up in the process of fighting with aliens. Helping and inspiring each other, from the Earth to the Mars, from the edge of the solar system to thousands of light-years distant alien space, they have played an epic interstellar march, thrilling, inspiring and touching. Humor, adventure, fun, one difficulty after another, layers of suspenses, mental agitation, challenge of the wisdom. This is one of those books that makes you soul-stirring and makes you want to eat it up from the start to finish.

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