The First Chinese Writer To Contract With Disney


He is a children's book writer and an animation screenwriter.

He is the first Chinese writer to contract with Disney.

He published over 100 works, a total amount of 10 million words. His books had been sold more than 35 million copies. His masterpieces: Dad in My Pocket had been sold 18.2 million copies, Three Musketeers on Campus had been sold 4.5 million copies, Fantasy King's Adventure had been sold 2.2 million copies. He wrote many animation scripts. His animations, Young Detective Dee, Thousands of Questions, Mascot Fuwan were shot, produced and aired by CCTV (Chinese National Television).

He won more than 30 national awards. Many works were translated into various languages and published out of China.

He is living in New Jersey now. If you want to contact him, please write or text him.




Peng Yang was born in 1972. He was the first Chinese writer to contract with Disney. He had published more than 100 works and these works had been sold more than 35 million copies in China. 

Straits Metropolis Daily


Peng Yang is a science fiction writer who has made remarkable achievements in the field of children's science fiction. Peng Yang had worked hard in the field of science fiction and created a large number of excellent science fiction novels that the reader enjoys since the 1990s. I can say with no exaggeration that Peng Yang hold up the sky of children's science fiction in China. His achievements really worthy of admiration and respected.

Cixin Liu (Writer of The Three-Body Problem)

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